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Security Storage Units have available for purchase packaging supplies for your convenience.

Other Products Available:

Book-Wine Carton                                              

$4.00 ea.

Tea Chest Carton                                               

$6.00 ea.

Porta Robe                                                           

$30.00 ea.

Packaging Tape                                                  

$5.00 ea.

Plain Bubble Wrap                                           

$2.00 per metre

King-Queen Bed Cover Roll (Blue)              

$5.00 ea.

Single Bed Cover Roll (Green)                      

$4.00 ea.

Dining Seat Cover Roll ( Orange)                   

$3.00 ea.
Stack Cover Roll (Grey) $6.00 ea.
3 Seater Cover Roll (Pink) $8.00 ea.
Moving Checklist:

If you are placing items in storage when you are moving, there is a number of items to remember.

  • Arrange disconnection and connection of all your services including power, gas, phone and internet.
  • Cancel deliveries from couriers, newsagents, milkbars etc.
  • Contact Post office and cancel or redirect mail.
  • Contact relevant authorities to notify them of your change or address. These may include electoral office, registrations, banks, insurers, (remember to re-evaluate insurance of new property) clubs, subscriptions, etc.
Storage Tips :
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